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Mapsoft AcroBatch

AcroBatch is an Adobe Acrobat plug-in that:

This adds a huge amount of functionality to the Mapsoft plug-in tools and enables you to use common Acrobat functions in combination with our tools within Automator. A full list of the commands supported is given in the drop-down list associated with the Command field in the AcroBatch dialog box as illustrated below:

Acrobatch Screenshot

Each of the commands works in exactly the same way as in Acrobat. See the Acrobat documentation for full details. Acrobatch allows the user to sequence a variety of PDF functions including: deletions, modifying headers and footers, exporting, flattening and many others.
The power of this plug-in is enhanced when you run its saved configurations under Mapsoft's unique macro builder tool, Automator, which is also available for purchase from Mapsoft's online store.

A tryout version of the product is available.

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