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"We are completely satisfied with the MaskIt solution."

Noreen Warren, SONY

"Impress does everything we want."

Rob Irvine, NEC Europe

"Mapsoft had the experience and expertise to create a solution tailor-made to meet our specific business needs."

Vanessa Redshaw, Hallmark

Impress Developer Edition

A developer version of Mapsoft's popular Impress Acrobat plug-in product. It enables text to be added to a range of pages in a PDF file via OLE calls from programming languages such as Visual Basic and Lotus Script.

Main Features

Developer Interface

In this product, Impress's standard User Interface has been replaced by an OLE interface. This product needs to be used in conjunction with the Acrobat Software Developers Toolkit (SDK) which is available from Adobe's web site. A good idea of what is available in the API can be seen from using the Impress plug-in under Acrobat. The Impress plug-in can be downloaded by registering and been taken to the download page.


This product's pricing and licensing is based on one developer license and a maximum of 100 users, if the product is to be used within a single company. For licensing for additional users or developers please contact us for a quotation.

We can license the plug-in for use in a commercial product, in which case runtime licenses will be required.  Contact us for details.

Please send an email to Mapsoft if you are interested in licensing this product.