Unified eXtensibility Platform (UXP)

What is UXP?

UXP provides modern JavaScript, a curated selection of UI components, and a more streamlined workflow for plugin developers. It is currently available for Photoshop, InDesign and XD

With UXP, we can develop:

  • Direct Actions - headless plugins that interface with Photoshop, the host OS, and the network, free of any UI.
  • Modal Dialogs - plugins that implement one or more modal dialogs. Good for simple user interfaces that don't need to persist.
  • Panels - full-featured panels that look like any other panel in Photoshop. UXP panels can contain as complex a UI as you wish to develop. They can be resized, docked, opened and closed just like native Photoshop panels. And with appropriate CSS constructs, your UXP panels can be theme-aware and change as the user switches UI themes in Photoshop.

Adobe UXP is a framework and set of APIs that allow developers to create custom user interfaces and experiences for Adobe products. These customized interfaces can include new panels, dialogs, and menu commands, and they can be built with web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Adobe UXP also includes a set of libraries and tools for interacting with the underlying Adobe application, such as accessing and manipulating document data and performing common tasks like image processing and data export.

One of the primary benefits of Adobe UXP is that it allows developers to create and distribute custom functionality via the Creative Cloud marketplace, making it simple for users to discover and install new plugins and scripts. Adobe UXP can also be used to create cross-platform plugins that work with multiple Adobe applications, such as Photoshop and InDesign.

Adobe XD is a key product with which UXP can be used. It enables designers to create and prototype user interfaces, and it enables developers to create plugins that interact with XD documents and add new functionality.

Overall, Adobe UXP gives developers and designers a powerful set of tools for customizing and extending the functionality of Adobe products and creating unique user experiences.

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