Mapsoft InfoSetter
Version 1.5

A Publishing Tool for use with Adobe Acrobat
(Version X upwards)

Running under WindowsTM Operating Systems

Issue 3
March 2021

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You can use the InfoSetter tool to set document information pertaining to your PDF document(s). This tool allows you to set or change the standard PDFs document information fields listed below:

q  Title

q  Subject

q  Author

q  Keyword

q  Index

q  Base URL

Many word processing packages used to generate PDF files do not automatically provide this information.

Using InfoSetter

To set document information for the current document:

1.      Open the appropriate file.

2.      Select Plug-Ins > Mapsoft > InfoSetter from Acrobats main menu.

3.      The InfoSetter dialog box then displays.

fields for setting information in a pdf file such as Title, Subject, Author, keywords base url and also the name of the index

See the section InfoSetter Options below for details on all the options available here.

4.      Click the check boxes next to any of the options you wish to change and insert your new text. For example you might want to set a documents name and the name of its author.

selectively setting information fields to apply to a pdf file

If attaching an Index to your PDF document you can use the Browse button to search for the index you require.

5.     Optionally, enter a name for your new configuration into the Name Configuration field and click Save. This makes this graphic available for re-use in another session of InfoSetter or for use with Mapsofts macro builder tool, Automator, which is available for purchase from Mapsofts website: See the section Saving an InfoSetter Configuration below for further details on this step.

6.         Click the OK tab to save the information you have entered.

Saving an InfoSetter Configuration

To save a particular InfoSetter configuration for further re-use, simply enter a name for it into the Configuration Name field, then click the Save button. This makes this configuration available for re-use in another session of InfoSetter. You do not have to save a particular configuration details before stamping a document, but if you do not save its details, you will need to re-define all those details if you wish to use it again.

Once saved, you can delete any existing InfoSetter configurations you no longer require simply by selecting the appropriate one from the drop-down list in the Configuration Name field and then clicking the Delete button.

InfoSetter Options

The following options can be set in the InfoSetter dialog box:


The text string to be placed in the PDFs file Title field.


The text string to be placed in the PDF files Subject Field.


The text string to be placed in the PDFs file Author field.


The text string to be placed in the PDFs file Keywords field. You can enter more than one keyword. See the Acrobat documentation for details of the specific formatting rules that apply to this field.


The path to a PDF file which contains a full searchable database of all the text in a document or set of documents (Adobe Acrobat Catalog).

Base URL

Sets the base URL for your document(s).


Displays the attributes set in the current document.


Clears your entries without saving them (unless previously saved).

Name Configuration

The name under which your new configuration is to be saved. Saving a configuration ensures you can use it again