Acrobat and PDF Custom Software Development

Acrobat and Reader SDK

The SDK (Software Developers Kit) contains functionality to develop custom plug-ins for Adobe® Acrobat® and Adobe® Reader on Windows and Macintosh platforms. There is also support for integrating Adobe® Acrobat® into workflows through the IAC part of the SDK with Acrobat being controlled externally rather than plug-ins where the functionality is being added internally.

A lot of the non-user interface code used in plug-ins is also code compatible with the Adobe® PDF Library.

Mapsoft has extensive experience of developing with the Acrobat SDK and has used it in its own products as well as numerous customised developments for customers.

Adobe® PDF Library SDK

The Adobe® PDF Library is the core engine of Adobe® Acrobat® and Adobe® Reader that is also available for many platforms that Acrobat does not run on. There is also a 64bit version available for the Windows platform that can more easily be integrated into server and web platforms and .NET and ASP.NET Core interfaces available in the Datalogics licensed version. A lot of code is compatible with the plug-in part of the Acrobat SDK although currently on Windows, Acrobat is still a 32bit application.

Mapsoft has been an OEM licensee of the Adobe® PDF Library for many years and we have extensive experience of developing with this technology. The PDF library is an integrated part of our Engage products.