Automatically Create a PDF Table of Contents in a PDF file

Mapsoft TOCBuilder plugin for Adobe® Acrobat®

Combine the advantages of both a printed and linked digital Table of Contents (TOC) that PDF bookmarks can't provide..

Top Features

TOCBuilder is an Adobe® Acrobat plug-in that allows you to:

  • create a Table of Contents for your PDF document.
  • use the bookmark list to provide the TOC structure.
  • link the TOC entries with links identical to the page targets of the bookmarks.
  • use existing bookmarks or run Mapsoft BookMarker that can be used to define the bookmark list.

Operation of the TOC entries

  • Each entry within the Table of Contents can link to the appropriate page for that entry.
  • Each entry within the Table of Contents is also linked to the actual heading within the document to which that entry relates.
  • The functionality of the actions within the Table of Contents entries can be controlled by modyfying the actions associated with the bookmarks.
  • In Summary: Selecting a generated link from within the Table of Contents will cause the focus in the document to jump to the relevant text on the relevent page.

Mapsoft TOCBuilder plug-in for Adobe® Acrobat® main window

The Table of Contents can be hierarchical, with sub-sections being indented below higher level sections, or it can be flattened with all entries appearing at the same level. Using options within the TOCBuilder you control the positioning and appearance of all the entries within a Table of Contents.
TOCBuilder uses bookmarks found within a document to generate the Table of Contents.

The bookmarks used by TOCBuilder to generate a Table of Contents could have been created directly within Acrobat, or they could have been created by using the Mapsoft BookMarker tool. BookMarker creates list of bookmarks from the headings found within a document. Typically, most large documents are organised by chapter, section and sub-section, and BookMarker uses these different heading levels to create a hierarchical set of bookmarks.

If the original bookmarks within a document are hierarchical, then the resulting Table of Contents will be hierarchical too. In a hierarchy, subordinate items are indented to the right. Each different heading level within the Table of Contents will correspond to one of the hierarchical levels within the bookmark list. Thus, TOCBuilder will create a level 1 Table of Contents entry for each level 1 bookmark found within the document. It will create a level 2 Table of Contents entry for each level 2 bookmark and so on. Options you specify to the TOCBuilder tool control the appearance and positioning of each different heading level within the generated Table of Contents.

The number of levels to which the Table of Contents can be nested depends on the level to which the bookmarks have been nested. For example, if bookmarks are nested to four levels then you can set up to four different levels of entries in a Table of Contents.

A tryout version of the product is available.