Creation of Thumbnails and Images from PDF Files

Mapsoft ThumbNails plugin for Adobe® Acrobat®

Thumbnails is an Adobe® Acrobat plug-in that enables you to generate thumbnail images of PDF pages that can be used to:

  • Create image previews of pages in a PDF file to any resolution.
  • Export PDF document pages as images.
  • Embed page images in the PDF file that are used in the page preview tab.

A thumbnail is a miniature view of each page within a document. Thumbnails can be displayed in the Thumbnails tab located to the left of the document window (called Pages in Acrobat 6 and above). You can choose if you want thumbnails to be embedded within your document or if you want them to be exported into separate image files. If you create external image files, you can use them in desk-top publishing (DTP) or web design. The ThumbNails tool allows you to specify if these image files should have borders around them, which would make them easier to use in publishing.

Thumbnails plug-in for Adobe® Acrobat® main window

You can also use the ThumbNails tool to remove any existing embedded thumbnails from within a file.

A tryout version of this product is available.