Merging the content of pages in PDF Files

Mapsoft DocuMerger plugin for Adobe® Acrobat®

DocuMerger is an Adobe® Acrobat® plug-in that enables you to:

  • Use another PDF file as a watermark
  • Merge documents with a template. For example to archive them when pre-printed stationary is normally used.

You can use Mapsoft's DocuMerger tool to merge material from an existing PDF file into another PDF file. The DocuMerger tool merges a selected page from one document into another document. The document from which material is to be extracted (the source document) can be any length: but only one page can be extracted from it at any one time for merging into the target document.

Documerger plug-in for Adobe® Acrobat® main window
You can specify if the merged content is to be placed into document as an overlay, on top of any existing page content (for example a letterhead) or as a watermark below the existing page content. You can also specify those page(s) on which you want the merged content to appear.

If the merging is performed on documents with different media sizes, the bottom left corner of the source document is aligned with the bottom left corner of the target document.

The DocuMerger tool is particularly useful when adding a logo from one file into another. If you use more than one logo you could store all the logos in one 'merger' file and then select the one you want to extract and merge into a document.
A tryout version of the product is available.