Set open options for when a PDF file is first opened

Mapsoft OpenOptions plugin for Adobe® Acrobat®

OpenOptions is an Adobe® Acrobat® plug-in to change the default appearance of PDF file(s) when they are opened within Acrobat.

These initial view options include:

  • Tab view (bookmarks, pages panel etc)
  • Initial Magnification (percentage or fit)
  • Page layout (single. facing pages continuous)
  • Opening page number
  • Initial window sizing including opening in full screen mode
  • Hiding/showing the menubar, toolbar and windowbar

Why not just use Acrobat?

It is possible to set this information in Acrobat, but OpenOptions allows you to store this open options data away in a configuration set and existing document properties can be quickly extracted from another PDF file and saved as a configuration that can not be done in Acrobat. The configuration name can then be quickly selected and applied to another PDF file.

OpenOptions plug-in for Adobe® Acrobat® main window

A tryout version of this product is available.