Adobe Acrobat plugins and PDF related Products and Solutions

  • Tryout versions are available for most of our products and are available after selecting the "Download Tryout" button for each product.
  • All the tryouts are fully working versions of the products but will place a 'Tryout' stamp on each page of PDF documents that are used.
  • For products requiring Adobe® Acrobat® please download a Trial version of Acrobat if you don't currently have a licensed copy
  • See features and pricing for Adobe Acrobat (US) (UK).
  • Do not use production PDF files for the tryouts products without backups. (the tryout versions of our products put watermarking into the PDF files that they run on)

Plug-ins for for Adobe® Acrobat®(Compatible with Acrobat 8, 9, X, XI, and DC) for Windows

PDF Publishing And Printing Products

Output PDF Files with Variable Data / Mail Merge

Engage Variable Data Printing Box

Mapsoft® Engage Variable Data Printing™

A Variable Data composition and output tool enabling connection of a PDF template to a data source and output one or more PDF files. Sometimes known as a mail merge

Engage has two main components:

•The free Mapsoft® Engage Designer plug-in for Adobe® Acrobat® for creating dynamic templates for variable data and web to print.
•Engage Variable Data Printing - output variable data PDFs.

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Variable Data PDF Technology for Web Environments

Engage Connect Box

Engage Connect™

Connect is designed to integrate the Mapsoft® PDF engine into existing workflows. It can also be used to produce the functionality of Engage Variable Data Printing into a web environment.

Connect is used to integrate the Engage functionality into websites or .NET applications. This could be to create a web2print or variable data printing functionality.


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