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Mapsoft TOCBuilder

Create a table of contents

Create a table of contents (TOC) for a PDF document. Using the existing the boomarks, you can specify the TOC entries, the page numbers that the TOC entries should link to, and the font and style for the TOC. You can also customize the appearance of the TOC, including the font, font size, and margins.

1.5 Single User $99
Mapsoft TOCBuilder

Create a table of contents

1.5 5 User $399
Mapsoft BookMarker

Automate the creation of bookmarks from the document headings and document structure.

1.5 Single User $99
Mapsoft ContentScaler

Scale page content by a percentage

1.5 Single User $99
Mapsoft DocuMerger

Merge PDF page content

1.5 Single User $99
Mapsoft DogEars

Leave navigation markers on PDF pages

1.0 Single User $99
Mapsoft Engage

Prepare PDF templates for variable data printing

1.0 Single User $149
Mapsoft Flattener

Flattern and/or remove annotations

1.5 Single User $99
Mapsoft ImagePlacer

Place Images onto PDF pages

1.5 Single User $99
Mapsoft Impress

Add stylised text to PDF files with variables

2.1 Single User $99
Mapsoft Impress Pro

Add text and other options to PDF files in batches

2.0 Single User $199
Mapsoft InfoSetter

Add document information to a PDF file such as Author etc

1.5 Single User $99
Mapsoft MaskIt

Mask areas of the page either inside or outside the selected rectangular area

1.5 Single User $99
Mapsoft MediaSizer

Change the media size of PDF pages e.g from Letter to A4

1.5 Single User $99
Mapsoft OpenOptions

Change the options for the way in which the PDF file opens

1.5 Single User $99
Mapsoft ThumbNails

Output Images for each page in a PDF file

1.5 Single User $99