Our Approach To Software Development

Mapsoft adopts the following simple approach to delivering the solution you require.

Stage 1

Assess Requirements
We start by assessing your requirements. We do this by asking you questions about the specific problem you’d like us to solve and by finding out about your business in general. Only when we really understand your business can we help you achieve your goals.

Stage 2

Define Project
Once we have gathered your requirements, we work with you to put together a detailed proposal outlining the solution we will provide. This will include a fixed price and a schedule for the project. Depending on the complexity of the project we may need to work with you to produce a detailed functional specification as part of this stage. We need you to agree to our proposal and development contract before we start the development of your solution.    

Stage 3

Design & Develop Solution
We will develop your solution using industry-standard stages of development, namely, Design, Alpha, Beta, Release Candidate and Gold Master (although on smaller projects we reserve the right to merge some of these stages as appropriate). We will keep you up to date with progress at regular stages throughout the development, and will incorporate your feedback into the solution. If required we can use Agile development techniques where 3 and 4 would be merged and we can deliver sets of user stories for each build.

Stage 4

Test & Deliver Solution
We always perform extensive technical testing to ensure that your solution conforms to the agreed specification but of course you will also need perform the final acceptance tests to ensure that the solution conforms to your expectations.

Stage 5

All our solutions come with one year’s free support. This covers fixes for any software failures or any instances where it can be demonstrated that the solution does not perform as was originally agreed. Maintenance and additional support can be purchased for an additional sum if this is required.